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Create PowerApps for Face Detection using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

We are going to learn how to create an app that able to detect a face in a picture
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Overview of Power BI

Power BI is a business analytics tool used for analysing, visualising and publishing data.
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Future of Insurance with AI

What AI can do for the Insurance Industry From fraud detection to enhancing the customer experience, experts predict that artificial.
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What and Whys of Power BI for layman

Power BI is a business analytics tool used for analyzing, visualizing and publishing data. It is part of Microsoft’s Power.
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RayVision can help detect PPE Violation to help safeguard from COVID-19

Every organization and institute are worried about the global outbreak of coronavirus disease or COVID-19. After the WHO (World Health.
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AI to fight Corona-virus?

AI has been used to help detect the spread of Covid-19. Can it further help to find a cure? A.
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