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We help you take a head-start today by helping you have your exclusive Analytics team ready!
Our Analytics Offshore Development Center service offers dedicated teams, infrastructures and facilities to accomplish your dreams and business objectives! You can use this to augment your existing team or to have a totally managed team offshore where you spell out the needs and we help to achieve them!
What we can do for you?

ODC Primer

Preferred by organisations

  • looking for increasing their team’s capacity and expertise in a short time
  • has a brilliant idea but does not have the needed resources to develop in-house
  • likes to start the software project without having to invest an enormous fixed budget in infrastructure and facility.

What’s included?Exclusive team(s), starting with at least 4 team members and 1 team leader with specific skill sets to ensure the right match with your technical and business needs and maximize the output of your offshore development center.


ODC Standard

Preferred by organisations who:

  • wants to establish their own offshore software development center or R&D center but don't want to manage the administrative, legal, recruitment procedures as well as property and facility;
  • wishes to outsource multiple projects or has more than 10 teams working simultaneously.

What’s included?Infrastructure, human resources, legal and regulations set up. Daily operation management.


ODC Premium

Preferred by organizations:

  • who need the highest level of security for projects
  • requires development team to commit to strict security regulations
  • requires team members to be certified

What’s included?A dedicated team managed at CMM Level 5 standards with each team member certified in the required skill set.