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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Violation Detection

Regulatory organisations like OSHA have set standards to address personal protective equipment for General Industry, Shipyard Employment, Marine Terminals, Longshoring, Construction etc. Adding to this, pharma industry is strictly regulated by FDA and similar bodies as PPE has to protect the employees from hazards as well as the product from any type of contamination. The compliance to wearing these must be constantly monitored for their own safety and also for health/hygiene reasons. Round the clock safety monitoring on the entire site is essential to avoid accidents and violations. Our PPE Violation Detection AI solution scans through real time CCTV footage and alerts any safety protocol breach.

Our PPE Violation Detector reads data directly from the camera feeds, run Computer Vision and Neural Network analysis to check for protective gears, restricted zone intrusions etc. in inflow videos and lets you view the violations on dashboards and Mobile App as report and alerts.

RayVision PPE Violation Detection - Laboratory

  • Detects Violations
  • Push Notifications in mobiles
  • Pinpoints the individual employee/work site of violation